A Linux GUI Toolkit for Microchip Microprocessors

A complete graphics software stack meant for the hardware.

The Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT) is a new graphics toolkit software package being developed by Microchip to enable our embedded Linux processors with the features and an API you expect. We built EGT from the ground up to work with our hardware and to be a complete application level graphics solution with our existing drivers and libraries in addition to the already extensive Linux ecosystem available.

Free and Open Source

Free and released under the permissive and easy to understand Apache 2.0 license.


Optimized to run on Microchip microprocessors running Linux.


C++11 design and simplicity on top of the latest in Linux graphics stack technology.


We are a one-stop source for expertise, service, and support of the entire graphics stack and hardware.


Use any standard media files for video and images, including SVG or HTML5/CSS3 content from your favorite design tools.


EGT includes built in support for basic animations and effects, but also easily integrates with real physics libraries like Box2D.

Rapid Iterations

Develop on a PC or directly on a target processor quickly and iteratively.

Complete Solution

As part of our Linux4SAM distribution, hit the ground running with a stable, tested, and ready-to-go operating system and SDK.

EGT Defines Performance

Evaluation Kits

EGT is optimized and ready to run on Microchip Cortex-A5 and ARM9 microprocessors which all have a variety of evaluation kits ready to get you started on target hardware.


Linux4SAM provides a stable and tested kernel, bootloaders, applications, and build systems - everything you need to run and build your own operating system and applications for our processors and evaluation kits with EGT support included.


An online or offline programmer's manual is available as an API reference or a dive into EGT architecture, configuration, and debugging. The EGT project provides a docset for Zeal as a quick and indexed reference manual.


EGT comes with over 30 examples in the main repository. In addition, there is an egt-samples repository with more, including integration with third party libraries like Box2D. If that's not enough, there are full blown demos like the egt-launcher and the egt-thermostat.